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Posted on : 11-08-2009 | By : admin | In : ActiveCollab modules
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fast add v3 s

I was missing a feature to add tickets to ActiveCollab quickly as much as possible, also with adding assignees, milestones, and projects. Also I needed to add this to Firefox sidebar or run it as stand allone application.


  • add ticket from anywhere (browsersidebar, mobile, popup, lightbox)
  • add multiple tickets from one text box (just write them using new line in Summary field), if they all have same assignee, date and milestone:
    ticket one
    ticket two
  • after selecting Project, it automaticaly selects Milestones and Assignees via ajax request
  • add a date
  • very fast
  • you need to login to add tickets


Fast Add (1297)


  • just upload files to server from zipped file Fast_add directory and enable from admin:
  • Actually there are to folders:
    fast_add from activecollab goes to: activecollab\application\modules\fast_add
    fast_add from public goes to: public\assets\modules\fast_add

Have you done so? If so, please go to Admin -> Modules and install it.

Use: just add for example to Firefox sidebar: http://WWW.AC-INSTALL-DIR.COM/public/index.php/fast_add (add tick in properties)



Just minor bugfix for Active Collab installations with urls using  path_info – now it’s working with milestones.

Version 0.3.5

  • now notifications are sent
  • you can assign multiple assignees
  • you can mark responsible person
  • edit link after adding ticket
  • minor bugfixes

Version 0.3.1

  • updated to work with AC 2.x.x
  • feature to add multiple tickets, also copying  from Excell, project managers or todo applications. Each new line of ticket will be inserted as new ticket (use Shift  + Enter).
  • leaner interface
  • minor bugfixes
  • also it works as a stand alone application.

Version 0.2

  • after selecting Project, it automaticaly selects Milestones and Assignees via ajax request
  • added dates
  • much faster

Version 0.1

  • basic features


  • to remember last project and settings
  • AIR application

Add this to firefox sidebar:

  1. Create a new bookmark in your bookmark manager, or by right-clicking on your bookmark toolbar.
  2. Use http://WWW.ACINSTALLDIR.COM/public/index.php/fast_add for the location. Don’t forget to change WWW.ACINSTALLDIR.COM
  3. Make sure to check the box that says “Load this bookmark in the sidebar

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Comments (13)

so i installed this but it just pulls up my dashboard. help?

Have you folowed the link you get in this module administration at:
* Dashboard»
* Administration»
* Fast Add

Just gave your module a test run and it’s pretty awesome! Nice work!! I was wondering if it’s possible to add custom styles (or a hook?) to the Fast Add module so it could load styles from the default theme.css file?

I haven’t installed this yet but it looks awesome. I hope that you keep actively developing this – I’d pay for it.

ok i found that link but a couple of things:

1. it asks me to login – is that right?
2. after i login it throws a popup error when it pulls up the form then if i try to change projects it throws the popup error again and switches from the form to a badly formatted version of the dashboard. Help!

Kevin, could you please write a browser you are using, also a ActiveCollab version.

Also what exactly are errors you see?

Hi, I’m replying on behalf of Kevin.

We run ActiveCollab 2.1.2 Corporate, Apache 2.2x, PHP 5.2.12, MySQL 5.0.77 on Linux servers. Also, activecollab is running on a subdomain.

When I go to the page listed in the admin settings, it will ask for a login email and password. If I provide my backend active collab login credentials, it will go to the fast_add frontend, but a pop up box immediately appears that simply says “an error occured.” Upon dismissing the error, the frontend functions, however only projects that I am assigned to from the backend appear in the project list. If I understand correctly, that’s not exactly the functionality of this module?

If I create a ticket with the automatically selected project, it seems to work, despite the error. However, if I attempt to switch the selected one from the dropdown list, a garbled version of the activecollab dashboard appears. Any thoughts on what the issue could be? I can provide screenshots and the like if need be. Thanks.

Sorry, forgot to say that the errors listed above happen on chrome, firefox, and internet explorer, so I doubt the issue is browser related.

Sorry to bombard with comments, perhaps we could exchange email or IM?

Also, with further testing, the garbled dashboard error does not occur on internet explorer 8. I haven’t tested earlier versions of IE yet though.

@Kevin. Yes, you must login to use this module, as you can create tasks only to these projects you are assigned to.

It should work on all browsers.
“An error occured” popup appears on incorrect paths in most cases. You should look at the source, check and write down (here or via contacts) a paths:

target: el,
url: ‘PATH’

var loadUrl = “PATH”

(PATH is needed variable, you should wtite it )

But if you could send me a whole page source, it would be most suitable to debug your case.

Thanks for creating this module – I’m getting the following error after selecting the Project Pull-Down. It looks like the Path Var has an extra slash in it. Where can I change this?

Error (RoutingError)
String ‘/fast_add/assignees//68′ does not match any of mapped routes
Error params:
File: NULL
Line: NULL
Request string: /fast_add/assignees//68
Backtrace is available only for fatal errors
Autoglobal varibles:
array(2) {
string(23) “/fast_add/assignees//68″
string(13) “1269364484572″
$_POST: empty
array(5) {
string(29) “cded67-1270abeb0cd-7de10353-5″
string(55) “121921429.2073086613.1267045292.1268418195.1269279341.4″
string(93) “121921429.1269279341.4.3.utmccn=(referral)|utmcsr=blog.omnispear.com|utmcct=/|utmcmd=referral”
string(26) “bn233l9vaorp7huo7b2obnlq45″
string(64) “169/3hBoXAOtRhwyHXtYWGSxy6rE1eo9gJsiOGR4BFiF/2010-03-23 17:14:23″
array(1) {
array(0) {

Yes, I see. It’s not a problem for me, but you can fix this
You should change /activecollab/application/modules/fast_add/layouts/wireframe.tpl

$(”#result”).html(ajax_load).load(loadUrl + ‘/’ + this.value);
$(”#milestonesResult”).html(ajax_load).load(milestonesLoadUrl + ‘/’ + this.value);

$(”#result”).html(ajax_load).load(loadUrl + this.value);
$(”#milestonesResult”).html(ajax_load).load(milestonesLoadUrl + this.value);

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